You’re stuck.

You’re a working parent, running your own business or working in a leadership role, but something has changed and now you feel lost.

Maybe the passion for what you do has fizzled out, you’re beginning to resent what you used to love and are now looking for a way out, but you don’t know what to do next.

Perhaps your strengths that used to serve you so well are now showing their dark sides and holding you back. Your meticulous planning and attention to detail, so everything you do is perfect, now stops you even getting started.

You’re scared of getting things wrong. Where you used to take risks, now you’re afraid of losing it all and being judged by others.

It could be that your confidence has taken a nose dive because there’s so much uncertainty it’s drained your energy.

You can’t find the time to connect properly with your family. You feel guilty and lazy because in your eyes, you’re never doing enough.

You’re procrastinating and don’t know where to begin. You don’t want to worry or burden those around you.

Even worse, you don’t feel that they would understand, because to the outside world, everything looks great for you.

But you’ve known this has been building for sometime. And your overwhelming sense of responsibility at work and at home has you scared of what might happen if you don’t tackle it.

The people around are just as “busy” as you are, so you don’t feel they are able to give you the space you want, to have the depth and quality of conversation you need, right now.

We’ve been there!

As experienced coaches, parents and business owners, we’ve felt the pain of not knowing where to turn.

It feels horrendous at times!!

The desire to want everything to be perfect before starting.

Fear of being judged by others.

Feeling afraid of failing.

But we discovered the power of finding your way through the problem, not the way out.

How the support from people who provide a safe space and have the skill to have the quality of conversation you need can help you discover the answers you are seeking.

So, if you need to find clarity and discover your next steps quickly, then our VIP clarity experience is perfect for you.


    You get the power of 2 incredible coaches holding the space, just for you, for 4 hours.


    A session completely tailored to your needs right now.


    You’ll leave with a sense of purpose. A sense of confidence. And clarity about exactly what you need to do next.

We only have two spaces open each month, so availability is extremely limited!