The Heart Centred Leaders Programme

The alternative leadership development journey.


  • Traditional leadership development typically emphasises hierarchical leadership – leading through the power of your job title, level or experience.
  • Development programmes often mean several days out of the office at a time, focussed  on leadership ‘skills’ such as finance, strategy, marketing and operations.
  • The reality is that regardless of skill, leaders drive results through relationships, influence and building inclusive teams. They empower people, show a willingness to experiment and focus on developing their teams.
  • The Heart Centred Leadership Programme supports you to do just that, in a way that fits flexibly around your work & life. It will stretch you out of your comfort zone, deepen your connection to yourself and get you thinking differently about leadership.
  • You will increase your own self-awareness; learn how to build trusting, open and high-performing teams; create deep, supportive relationships in and out of work and become the leader you really deserve to be.


We’ve designed this programme for people like us – entrepreneurs, business owners and senior leaders who recognise that the traditional approach to leadership is no longer effective and want to align their leadership with their own personal values.

You’ll be leading a team or facing live leadership challenges, and you’ll have a desire to develop yourself, be stretched out of your comfort zone,  connect with your purpose and lead authentically, openly and from the heart.


Peer to Peer Learning and Support – We’re curating a group of like minded individuals from diverse backgrounds who you’ll build deep, trusting relationships with. Think of them as your own  personal support network and sounding board as you navigate the challenges and loneliness of leadership.

Experiential Learning – We adopt a blended learning approach that fits around your life whilst giving you the opportunity to try new skills and approaches throughout the programme. We’ll have bi-weekly group calls every other Wednesday, and we’ll share content online through our digital learning platform.

The Heart Centred Leaders Members Group – You’ll receive complimentary access to the Heart Centred Leaders Members Group for the duration of the programme. Content on topics such as habits, dealing with change and uncertainty amongst many more. Plus a weekly group coaching call.


Joining the Heart Centred Leaders Programme will not only require a financial investment but, more importantly, an investment in time, commitment and mindset.

6 months, £2997 and an open heart, an open mind and open will.