What makes us awesome?

It’s not bragging when it’s true! Don’t just rely on our word as to the impact that working with us can have – here’s what some of our previous clients have to say…

“My coaching session with Gillian was a couple of hours and I was delighted with the results and clarity it provided. Gillian asked the right questions and forced me to rethink priorities, strategy and how I operate which in turn has created time and possibility. Whether you think you need to change or not I would highly recommend a session or a chat with Gillian as so much came out of my coaching that I did not even realise was holding me back.”
Andrew Alleway
Managing Director, Tidy Green Clean

“Having worked with David to support my own professional journey, with significant personal learning along the way, I have enormous faith in his ability to inspire, motivate and embolden. To be part of a network of engaged, like-minded leaders that is being curated in this spirit is something not to be passed up on. It would be harder to justify why I wouldn’t be involved than why I would, given the value, opportunity and promise this community offers.”
Alison MacLachlan
UK Director, The Wood Foundation

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Gillian and found her to be a very effective coach. Firstly, Gillian was able to quickly build a strong rapport and trust with me, creating a strong foundation for our work together. Following on from that, Gillian helped me to develop deeper insight into my performance, and in particular areas that I can find challenging. From there, we developed practical strategies for managing my thought-processes and behaviours. The engagement has undoubtedly put me in a better position to succeed in my role – I would certainly work with Gillian again or recommend her to colleagues.”

Colin Holmes
Managing Director, Moody’s Analytics

Being in an HR leadership role can sometimes feel like having a lone voice & so I joined Heart Centred Leaders to look at how I could improve my influencing skills and have the opportunity for some coaching.  In the first 3 months I feel I have done this & more. I knew Gillian took a whole-life approach to coaching & I think this comes through in the coaching calls we have each week. I have become more confident as a person & the community & calls have made me go inwards to look at who I am.  Therefore being part of Heart Centred Leaders has had a far wider effect than simply improve what I do for a living.  Heart Centred Leaders is for you if you’re prepared to be challenged, to show your vulnerabilities and expand your thinking to grow as the unique individual that you are. 

Catherine Dalgarno
Senior HR Professional

“I can’t thank David enough for the personal insights he helped me generate through our conversations. David is a very easy person to talk to, very genuine and has a real skill for helping you come up with some new, transformational ways of thinking to help drive you on and continuously improve. I would highly recommend that if you are looking for ways to generate ideas, think differently and increase motivation, talking with David will be a great place to start.” 

Dr Mariesha Jaffray
Business Owner & Continuous Improvement Expert 

“Having had one to one coaching with Gillian, she has a tremendous ability to seek out underlying or dormant concerns and shine a light on them, in a thoughtful and non-intrusive manner. She is professional, articulate and an expert in her field. I would highly recommend her services to any business or client.”

John Butler
Business Owner, Energy Industry

“I have been trying to sum up my coaching experience with David in one word and it is ‘transformational’ – the key element for me was trust, which David built instantly. Everything else flowed from that. I have experienced coaching in the past through my leadership journey. David is the coach to whom I would return.” 

Lesley Billingham
Legal Expert, Coach & Entrepreneur 

“Coaching with Gillian has had a huge impact on both my working life and my personal life. I have more confidence to tackle situations I would previously have shied away from, particularly around having difficult conversations. Working with Gillian has given me new insights, enabled me to have more empathy with those around me, and I now feel excited about what the future holds!”
Carol Gray
Owner, Bon Accord Training
Looking to refocus your career and life goals and don’t know where to start? David is the man to go too, great listener, top bloke and most importantly a great Coach. I’ve taken a lot from working with him, I only wish I met him 20 years ago.
Matt Dyer
Head of Sales and Marketing, Zilliqa